Drupal CMS as a platform for your bussiness ideas

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Previously, we proposed for your consideration wordpress CMS as great platform for your online business. But, in the hunt of researching for the best CMS for your business website, which requires complex functionality, you must also definitely look at the features and possibilities Drupal provides. Drupal is one of the most complex content management systems in the market. The programming interface that Drupal is built on is known to be very sophisticated. It is referred as a development platform rather than a simple tool to manage content. The more complex your website has to be, the more you will think about using Drupal.

What Drupal Offers! Explore the Possibilities

Basic features

A lot of features are packed in the basic Drupal core files. All the basic structuring and features one site can need are already there. The list of basic features contains customization of page layout, powerful system administration, maintenance, website’s menu management, RSS feeds, registration of new user accounts and many more (full list is available on drupal.org). If you have basic IT knowledge, with the help of these basic features, simple to medium sites for your business can be created easily. Sites like community websites, multi user blogs, forums, ecommerce and online-shops, web-portals, real-estate, directory websites, brand sites and many more.

How Drupal Makes it Cheaper to Develop Your Desired Site

With the help of free to download, beautifully customized templates and awesome website building tools, building a website with Drupal becomes much cheaper. Possibility to use contributed for community modules in order to realize required functionality allows fitting really tight budgets. You don’t really need to start everything from scratch. If you are in a hurry, all you need to do is find a convenient for your business Drupal website template, and start implementing it into your website.
If you have a complex website in mind which will involve ongoing web-development, few phases and milestones – you can start with a simple website and keep customizing it until you achieve your goal. For complex and large projects – there are thousands of different Drupal modules which make the development faster, cheaper and much efficient. Even if you are planning to hire a Drupal developer, or a web-development team (specialized in Drupal) – you’d get your job done much quicker, and would pay significantly less, rather than trying to build it on plain PHP.

Flexibility in Content Creation with Marvelous Admin Tools

Basically, content management through Drupal dashboard is simple. You’ll have to spend few minutes in order to get used to Drupal admin panel’s interface and become capable to create and manage site’s content. Normal admin controls are more than enough to keep the website maintained and up to date. Drupal do not require their users to hire a developer to manage their websites content. You can manage yourself.




However, for customization tasks, we have to confess – it’s not an easy one.
More complex tasks would require some Drupal knowledge, but there are lots of tutorials for understanding and becoming familiar with the admin configs and its options. And if you spend your time watching it, you won’t regret, you’ll find it quite flexible with powerful admin tools, as well as possibilities to extend the functionality.
Though, if you still don’t like it, feeling difficult to manage and find it time-consuming – then we would be glad to provide you our professional drupal services. But, if you really dislike it and trying to build your business from scratch yourself, then I’d advice to read this article. There is another comfortable solution that might be great fit.

Extensive Modules – Free and Premium

You can easily increase your website’s capabilities by using any of the ‘more than 7,000’ extensions and modules available for free. Drupal, being an open source platform allows you to use any free module or extension. Though, you are not limited. Including all the installation files, you posses the permission to create or customize each and every part of Drupal’s code. In case if it’s not your realm, then, there is a huge community of developers who can help. However, most of the people don’t need premium modules or custom extensions. There’s an 80% chance that you can create your complex website, or at least part of the site without purchasing any premium or building a custom module.

SEO flexibility – Just the Way You Want

As discussed above, Drupal has modules for almost everything that you might need, including for SEO purposes. There are many great developers who have contributed SEO modules and extensions to the Drupal community. There may not be one single extension for all the SEO requirements in Drupal, but you can create an outstanding combination of modules to optimize your website and get higher ranking in search results.

The Type of Websites Can Be Built in Drupal

Drupal is very vast and feasible for many types of websites. I already listed those types and I’m quite sure that any bussiness aim can be reached using Drupal. Of course, most of the time you gonna install a stack of modules in to reach all your goals. For example, bellow we are listing a few types of websites that can easily be created in Drupal with the help of a few free extensions and may be a programmers help. You can also have a look at our portfolio, where we as well exposed some drupal works.

Social Network

Few modules and the Drupal core features can serve as a great base for a social network functionality:
• Logintoboggan: This module extends the basic procedure of logging in to the website and adds several ways to login including “login with other social network”.
• Profile Setup: This module adds the functionality to create and setup a complete user social network profile.
• Facebook Style Statuses: As the name implies, this module add the feature of posting statuses like facebook.
• Radioactivity: This module adds the functionality in your website for the trending content. It calculates the trend in accordance to likes, talking about and shares.
• Organic Groups: Social network is nothing without communities and groups. With the help of ‘Organic Groups’ module, users are able to create groups and create followership.
• Invite: A social network website cannot grow without allowing users to send invite to their friends and families.
• Comment Notify: This module adds notification feature to your website which allows sending email notifications to the users.
• DrupalChat: This is the most useful module for a social network, it allows users to engage and chat privately with other users in their social network.


eCommerce has become one of the biggest businesses online. Drupal provides an extra ordinary featured interface to develop a clean and flawless eCommerce website. Modules mentioned below would be enough for you to create and start running an eCommerce website using Drupal.
• e-Commerce: This module provides complete inventory management system to your site. This is a mandatory module for an eCommerce site.
• Barcode: Another great module which allows you to create barcode as image or text.
• Invoice: This module is the most useful modules for an eCommerce website. This allows you to generate invoices automatically.
• UberCart: It is one of the most important modules you will need to develop an interactive eCommerce site in Drupal. It allows you to create outstanding catalogues and product listings. It has a lot of features that you will need for your eCommerce website.


Working in web-development realm for years, I’ve noticed that WordPress and Drupal are really powerful and worthy competitors. Both of it have huge communities, who loves one, and hate other one. Even in our team 🙂 . In the mean time we do both, and consider both of it quite useful. And if you liked this article, then try to build your first Drupal site for your company or startup, and don’t hesitate to contact us for an advise or professional help.

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