Optional Email plugin – made by ZamZamLab

Good day!

During our activity as a web-development team, we have developed many custom plugins in order to realize the required features that we couldn’t do using pre-existing solutions (for example plugins/widgets from wordpress.org). Once, such a necessity made us develop quite useful plugin. Few days ago, our senior developer, have improved and posted the new version of it on wordpress.org.

So, what is it about?

Sometime, it’s required not to have the email field as a mandatory field. When we tried to find a solutions, we found out that there isn’t something already built.

So, here it is.. proudly presenting, our simple, but really helpful Optional Email WordPress plugin in order to make the email field optional (not mandatory) on the registration page, profile page, add a new user page. New version 1.2 gives the possibility to create new users in admin panel without his email. It will also add a password field on the registration page.





You can get it in Github: WP Optional Email plugin

Russian version is available as well.

=== Requirements ===

WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

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