Content Management System

Create, Update and Improve your Website Using CMS.

A frequent question we hear is “What is CMS” and “How will it help my website?”

The short answer is that a CMS is a system that makes a site easier to maintain by separating the content of the website from the framework.  Many websites – especially those built early on – were built exclusively out of hard-coded HTML pages, which means you have to contact a professional developer to make even the slightest change to your content.

Because it is not only critical to display up-to-date information on your website, but to also be able to do this on your own – thus, saving money- many companies and individuals are converting or building their websites using one of the CMS systems.


The longer answer is that a content management system is a web application that lets you add content (creation of the new pages, formatted text, images, videos, files, PDFs, etc.) to your website without having to edit offline html code and upload via FTP. One of the main advantages is that adding/editing/removing can be done by multiple users, so your website can be updated from anywhere in the world – with little technical knowledge required.

CMS also allows the following:

  • The manager of the CMS can give different rights and permissions to different employees, so your content is secure and a hierarchy of command and sign-off can be implemented.
  • Various people from inside and outside your organization can collaborate on a single project at the same time.
  • No knowledge of HTML, CSS, FTP or coding is required. Text can be edited by anyone familiar with a word processor.
  • Changes can be tracked and older versions can be reverted to.
  • Errors (typos, bad links etc.) can be corrected remotely the moment they’re spotted instantly.

Your Next Step

Most websites will benefit from a CMS, which we can implement and tailor based on your needs. You’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to control your own content and update your information.

Please contact us with any questions and we can discuss the best CMS solution for you.