When discussing your web development project or task, we usually communicate with you to get detailed requirements and specifications. Using it we can estimate the hours involved to complete the project or task. Getting detailed information we can provide a price quote, and a delivery deadline. Hence, to provide an accurate price quote, we don’t list prices on our website – but ask you to contact us with details and requirements for your tasks or project. We are glad to provide you with a free consultation, after which we will be able to supply a price quote.

We don’t mind to accept fixed rates, and often provide a fixed price quote and time-line when asked to deliver a strictly defined project. We calculate the hours required to deliver the project and multiply it by our hourly rate to provide you with a fixed price.

How do we calculate the price and figure out the deadline?

Counting the amount of hours necessary for completing of the web-project, and determine the deadline – we are considering few next factors:

Clarity of Scope

The simple rule is that the more clearly your application requirements are defined, the easier it is for us to provide an accurate price quote and time deadline. However, if the scope and requirements of your application are undefined or still not clear, we have to add a buffer to the pricing, to reduce our risk in case of future surprises.

So, please try to provide clear and detailed specification, this can save your money and our time. Though, if we are working on hourly basis with you – your risk of overpayment is minimised to 0$. In this case, we can afford to get rough specification and explanation of your requirements. And all details is going to be figured out with you in the process of the development.

Working on hourly basis means that you pay for exact time, necessary for development, and our overwork (tasks not described initially) is also paid. Exact time – means NO LESS and NO MORE. Quite fair for both sides and this is what we recommend.

Project Complexity

Complex projects require a greater involvement of software architects, database administrators and better skilled and experienced resources. Obviously those with greater experience, and as you know, knowledge and better skills are paid a higher rate, and this cost is accounted for when quoting. We would like, to provide good quality for you, which requires more expenses for us. When staff is paid good and is happy, quality is excellent and your business is build and maintained better.

Project Time-line

Project lead time and deadline play an important role in quoting and resource allocation. Hence, amount of hours necessary for projects allows us to figure out the deadline. Also, we are including in lead time testing periods, possible revisions, bug fixing and other alterations.

If  you insist on the short lead time or deadline, we may have to re-allocate staff working on other applications, which will mean your project incurs an extra fee, which will go to compensate our staff extra work.