“Calin and his team are excellent at what they do. They are very professional, dependable, and will do whatever it takes to meet the demands of their clients. Since I began working with them, I’ve not used any other developers. Finding good developers is not easy so I feel fortunate to have found Calin and his team!”

~ Julie Kang
Head of the Julie Kang Consulting, LLC

“We have used ZamZamLab over the years for projects both big and small. They are a solid development company and I would not hesitate to use them in the future…”

~ Forest Williams
Owner, Envision Web Development

“I hired Calin and his team at ZamZamLab to work on my website bnow.org in 2009. It was a challenging job for the team to fix the code that another person had worked on earlier. Calin and his team were persistent to get the job done and do it right. I really appreciate Calin’s patience and the support of his team to work through the details and complete the project in the nick of time. Thanks again ZamZamLab team!”

~ Pacharee Pantoomano
Head of the Bangkok Network of Women

“ZamZamLab programmed a rather complex multi-user site for me with many different functions and different groups. Communication and co-operation went well after getting ‘used’ to each other. Programmers and clients in general speak a different ‘language’, so some extra time was needed to understand each other well, a fact which will play a role in every new programmer-client relation. Reachability was never a problem, a fact that is very important for any client. Urgent problems were always solved fast and immediate. I certainly will continue the co-operation.”

~ Hilde Salverda
Owner of Fris Idee Producties, initiator of CadeauWerkplaats.nl.