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ZamZamLab uses WordPress engine as one of the main platforms for its projects. We are using it not only for simple and quick projects. Often, we realize really complex features in wordpress. I’ll tell you why we have chosen it and still like it!

First official non-beta version of WordPress was launched in 2003, since then, WordPress is increasing its market share every year. We work with it for 5 years, and nowadays, WordPress has become one of the most used platforms for websites in the world. Popular brands, big blogs, corporate companies, internet-shops are using WordPress for their business. There are many websites using WordPress as their content management system in the top 100 most visited websites in the world.

But what actually makes the WordPress Famous and Desirable for Website Owners?

WordPress is an open source platform based on PHP and MySQL. In the beginning, WordPress was only used for blogging as it was designed to be a free blogging tool to create blogs on custom domain and hosting. But, because of many reasons, this platform has emerged becoming the most used CMS for various types of the business and not only blogging. There are literally hundreds of benefits of using WordPress for your website, no matter the purpose and type of the site. Discussed below are just a few famous features that will probably convince you to build website using WordPress.

WordPress is Easy to Use

Literally, there is no experience required for using WordPress. Plus, there are thousands of videos available on the internet to guide you how to use WordPress for your website. Initially, built for blogging, it still keeps the idea to be simply managed by non-techy persons like writers and bloggers. Here is a view of the main Admin Panel:


The admin panel of WordPress is very easy to understand. Everything you need to manage and update in your website is just a click away from admin panel home. Directly from admin home, you can access following parts of the website:

  • Check for latest updates on WordPress, plugins or themes and update with one click;
  • Create new posts or edit old ones;
  • Create new pages or edit old ones;
  • Create, edit or delete categories and tags;
  • Manage uploaded media;
  • Manage received comments on the website;
  • Select or edit themes;
  • Install, activate/deactivate, configure new plugins and widgets;
  • Manage users etc.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization has become one of the most important things in online marketing in the past few years. WordPress is famous for being friendly to search engines. The user-end generated HTML of a WordPress website is highly customizable and is validated with the latest standards of W3School. There are multiple SEO- plugins you can install with just one click. You can start optimizing your website for better performance in the search engine result pages. Each and every page and post of your website will be 100% under your control once you learn how to use SEO for your WordPress website properly.

For example, bellow is the pretty simple form for the meta tags which is integrated for each post/page by the one of the SEO wordpress plugins:


So, there is not necessary to deal with the html code directly. Just fill the form.

WordPress offers thousands of free plugins

There are people who like to have superior control over their websites and web-applications. They are trying to extend its functionality and customize their websites themselves. But they lack the knowledge of programming. With availability of thousands of free to use plugins, you can extend possibilities and features of your website without having a prior programming knowledge. You do not need to download the plugin from a website and then upload it to your hosting. WordPress provides a powerful feature to search and install any plugin directly from your admin panel. Here is a view of the “Add New Plugin” page:


All you need to do is search for your desired plugin accordingly to your functionality requirements and WordPress will show you all the plugins available related to your search term. With the help of free and premium plugins, WordPress website can easily be customized or improved.

Of course, your idea can be to original and you aren’t able to find desired plugin or widget – then we can help you. We develop custom plugins/widgets/themes when don’t find pre-built solution. For example, like this one: Optional Email wordpress plugin.

Creating a Social Network or Membership with WordPress

This may sound incredible for someone, but WordPress platform can be successfully used for social networks. For those who don’t agree, believe me, it’s true :). This is a great example of complex social network built by ZamZamLab in wordpress which includes all features that famous social network offers, and even more: www.zamzamlab.com/projects/barkle. We developed it using and extension named BuddyPress which can extend your WordPress install to create and support social networking functionality. Some basic functionalities that BuddyPress adds to a WordPress site are as follows.

  • Detailed user signup and profile creating
  • Messaging
  • Creating friends
  • Groups etc.

There are also lots of possibilities to build a membership functionality. You can find many plugins available for this purpose. For example, our developers have taken part in development of these quite interesting and complex membership site: http://zamzamlab.com/projects/rank-my-agent

Creating an eCommerce Website with WordPress

These days, WordPress is becoming the leader in the market of eCommerce Websites. There are ready premium themes containing all the extensions and plugins you would need to setup your online store in just a few hours.

Your WordPress can become Multilangual in just a few minutes by installing a suitable plugin. There are many. There is also and extensions for multisiting known as WP MU which now is included in the wordpress core.

Basically, there are endless possibilities you can use WordPress for. Be it creating a professional portfolio or creating multiple galleries for any purpose, WordPress offers everything you need.

WordPress Support and Community

WordPress is supported by a huge community of troubleshooters and developers. Every day, there are hundreds of new plugins and themes introduced, which makes the WordPress development a lot easier and cheaper if compared with any other platform.

There is a great support forum in the WordPress community where thousands of website owners have posted their questions for customizing or troubleshooting their WordPress websites. There is 99% chance that whatever you need to know is already answered in the community forum, but if you cannot find the right solution you can post your questions anytime.

Taking help from the WordPress forums is 100% free of cost. If you cannot find the right answer at the forums, you can still search your problem on Google.com; there are 100s of websites that are only focused on providing how-to WordPress articles.


The best thing about WordPress is it is easier to customize if compared with other content management systems. You really need no experience for managing your website on your own. There are thousands of free and premium themes you can use and purchase.

Certainly, if you are to busy, and looking for professional web-development services – you can always rely on our team’s experience!

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